Prologue: That Killer
Prologue: That Killer
Prologue: That Killer

13th Aug 2012, 11:24 AM

by inhonoredglory

Her white fur cape waved gently in the wind from the coming storm. She leaned out, over the edge of the ship, looked out onto the vast volcano that speared upward so black and dark and broken. She watched the people, scurrying obliviously about, carrying out what little task they made for themselves on the island, their dragons seemingly, amazingly aiding them. Her eyes rose. There it was, the black dragon, the Night Fury, the great prize of the sky, sweeping above the shore, and upon him, the boy. There he was, the Dragon Whisperer, as the stories called him. Her eyes narrowed. There he was, that killer.


13th Aug 2012, 2:53 PM

Floral Summer

Sooo, I was just on fanfic, and reead this story there, then I went on tumblr and this popped up! I love the webpage! It's just as awesome as the story :) Can't wait for your next update!
Summer :D

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13th Aug 2012, 4:57 PM


It must have been crazy for you to see our story all over the place, XD. Thanks for looking forward to the next update. :) We're so glad you're excited!

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