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18th Feb 2013, 6:47 PM


Good News!


Hey loyal readers of HTTYD2: The Dragon Whisperer, one half of the two-part writing team here, with great news!

For a couple months last year I got a little burned out with this story. Between my sister and me, we'd written a whole novel's worth of words, and the idea itself was many months old already. I found it hard to come up with new ideas and my sister picked up my slack on much of the writing. But recently, I've rediscovered my connection to the story and I'm excited to start writing more and posting much more often and regularly (at least, that's the goal). I do know how we started this project with a rigorous schedule in mind, and I still want to aspire to that.

My accelerated classes bottle-necked some of my enthusiasm in the weeks in which I was in the mood for this story, but those classes are ending this week, and I have opted not to take any more classes next term (my terms are 8 weeks long), so I can focus on this story and on other responsibilities that I've let lag due to distractions and classes. This story is important to me personally, because my sister and I have planned so many deep and important things, such as moral challenges, adventure, and peril, and I want to give 100% to it. I realize I haven't been doing that lately, and I think the story may have suffered in pacing. I can't turn back the clock, but I can work harder from here on out for the rest of the story.

The next chapter is going to be the end of Act 2, and Act 3 will follow (there are 4 Acts in the story). Hopefully we can get that chapter up by the end of this week, when my schooling officially finishes. :D

4th Dec 2012, 11:20 AM


Another Announcement

If you're one of those loyal readers of the illustrated webnovel How to Train Your Dragon II: The Dragon Whisperer, then this announcement is for you:

I'd like to say sorry, first, for being a bit uneven with the updates. They're slowly spreading out to Tuesday and Wednesday. I think writer's block is hitting me (the one half of the writing team), and even under normal circumstances, the novel is gobbling up time I could have used for a number of things: looking at people's art on my deviantArt, getting on commissions, learning about animation, chilling with my sister. So to help alleviate some things, my sister and I decided on a new schedule.

Instead of every week, we're going to post every week and a half: something like Wednesdays and the next Saturday.

So I don't know if I can get a post on Wednesday this week, I have to see.

If you still love our story or want to continue reading or even dream of forgiving me for being so ridiculous with my muse, then you deserve a major glomp.

1st Oct 2012, 8:27 PM


Sorry for the Delay!

For those of you looking for the latest chapter in my webnovel "How to Train Your Dragon II: The Dragon Whisperer," I want to give a short apology. The truth is, I was working every breathing moment on finishing the latest chapter and its illustration. I didn't make it, and the chapter is still quite a monster (over 14,000 words). My sister and I just need a moment to think about this chapter, maybe break it down, do some editing and what not. I value quality of storytelling over a timely post, so please forgive me. I want to give you the best story I can.

Please pardon the delay. We will be posting the next chapter the following Monday, and future updates will keep to the weekly schedule as much as we can. To hold you over, here's a preview of what's to come. Thank you for understanding.

Hiccup was wary and he tensed suddenly, didn't like the feel of Heather's arms around him. Dragon Island was coming up now, they were out that far, and he got the idea of flying over, getting off. He could make some excuse about showing off the mines or something, anything to get her away from him. He directed Toothless lower and they skirted the water, the dive making her arms stiffer, her fingers lacing around each other, pressing closer into him. "I'm going to show you the mine we got," he said, over the rush of the sudden wind that swirled around Helheim's Gate. "You can see the metal." She didn't respond, only hugged him closer and brought her legs nearer his, near the stirrup, the one boot of hers nudging his right foot and the other shifting up and down gently by his prosthetic. He turned his head and saw her eyes consumed with thinking, looking at his feet and at the stirrups, mumbling something to herself that he could not hear. Her body shifted closer to his and her arms released him suddenly, moved down to where his hands were, on the handles of metal near the top of the saddle. She got a satisfied look on her face which frightened Hiccup and he leaned forward, pushing her arms out from the stirrup holds. He didn't like this feeling he was getting. "Toothless?" he whispered, and the dragon eyed him with concern. "To Dragon Island, okay, buddy?"

23rd Aug 2012, 9:10 PM


New Schedule

Hello, dear readers and visitors!

If you noticed that this week's Thursday post was late, then it's a foretaste of what's to come. frown I'm a college student, and my classes start next week. But I will still try to post every Monday! Luckily my class is on Storytelling, so I'm sure to get inspiration. cool Thank you again for reading and supporting us. My sister and I are coming up with exciting ideas every day (literally).

13th Aug 2012, 12:43 AM


This Is It!!

It's August 13, and the webnovel is rearing its ugly head!! XD Seriously, though, today is opening day, and the first chapter and prologue are coming out. We are so incredibly excited; we've never done anything like this before in our (my sister and me) entire lives! Now... for some important information I want to share:

We are planning on updating the webnovel once or twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays. The illustrations will be hand drawings and digital paintings. The both of us are full-time college students, so we will do our best to update regularly. Quality is a word I want to associate with this project of ours, so if we are late with an update, you can be sure we are at work trying to make it the best it can be.

Also, this story is being cross-posted to several places. The links are below:

The HTTYD2 webnovel gallery on my deviantArt account
The "httyd2 webnovel" tag from my Tumblr account
The "How to Train Your Dragon II: The Dragon Whisperer" story on my Fanfiction account

Oh, and one more thing... We don't own How to Train Your Dragon or any of its canon characters. We have DreamWorks and Cressida Cowell to thank for them!